Update on Thomas and Mary's Headstone

After a meeting in Muswellbrook cemetery to inspect the headstone the local monumental masons indicated the following:

  • The headstone is not repairable and will disintegrate sometime in the next year or two
  • They provided a quote to replace the existing headstone with a replica in granite as they no longer produce sandstone headstones.
  • Please take a seat before you read this next bit!
  • The quoted price to produce a replica and install it was a bit over $9000 (including GST)
  • The price to produce a Stainless Steel laser etched plaque showing the headstone and inscription was $850

I have since had a discussion with a Sydney based mason who suggested that a simple marker stone in sandstone combined with a plaque would probably be ok and he said sandstone will be durable if you get it from the right place.

I am definitely of the view that the stone should be replaced but I think the simpler less expensive option would be OK. However other members of the family may think that the patriarch and matriarch of the family should be given a more elaborate marker

The obvious issues are to decide on the families preference and then raise the funds to allow the project to proceed.

If you have ideas on both of these issues please use the contact form and I will publish them in the next newsletter.