What is the Spencer Family History?

The family history is much more than names and dates! Its the ongoing story of us all.

Our challenge is to document the story of our family. This means the story of this generation or the last as much as our ancestors in the 1840s.

Very occasionally someone actually documents their own life experience.

There are 2 new items on the resources page.

Aunty Mary's Story is an autobiographical account of Edna Mary Adam's (Nee Spencer)life. Edna is a Matthew descendant and was born in Aberdeen. After marrying Dave Adam she moved to Upper Rouchel where she lived until the 1980's. (the story was provided by Therese Mackay - Mary's neice)


The second is an unpublished book "Keseko" by Cecil Eric Spencer. It details his war time experiences in the Solomon Islands with the US Marines and then as a Coast Watcher. Its quite long but a fantastic read. Eric wrote Keseko originally in 1947 and it was significantly reworked shortly before his death in 1981. Eric is a John Descendant



So I am formally issuing the challenge to Spencer Family members to write the story of their mother, father, sister or brother and publish it on this site.