The Spencers in Muswellbrook

Alfred Bokhara Spencer (son of Thomas Jnr and Rebecca Hooper) in front of his grocery store in the main street of Muswellbrook circa 1930. NB: Alfred is the same person ias the front row left  hand end child in the Rouchel Scool Photo - photo from Muswellbrook Historical Society collection.

The Spencer's association goes back to the 1840s. Rebecca Hooper, Thomas Jnr's first wife grew up in Muscle Brook as it was known then.

Some of the Spencer daughters lived in the Brook after they married and of course Thomas and Mary moved to Muswellbrook when they retired from the land in about 1880. Both are buried in Muswellbrook cemetery, as are a number of other members of the family

Ther has been a continuous Spencer presence in the town ever since.


We will be adding more information on Muswellbrook over the coming months.