Mary Jane

Mary Jane

Mary Jane

Born: Rouchel Brook 1847

Died: Muswellbrook 1892

Mary Jane was the first daughter of Thomas and Mary. She was also a twin to Absalom. 
We have almost no information about Mary other than she married Stephen James Dowell in 1875. She was Stephen Dowell’s second wife. They married just 4 months after the death of his first wife Sarah Jane Hooper. Sarah was the older sister of Mary’s sister in law Rebecca Hooper.
Stephen and Mary lived in Muswellbrook. They had seven children in addition to the three surviving children from Stephen’s frist marriage.
Stephen Dowell was a councilor and Mayor of Muswellbrook. 
Both Mary and Stephen died and are buried in Muswellbrook.
Stephen James Dowell

Stephen James Dowell

1843 - 1907


Mary Amelia Dowell 1876–1949
Ethel Rebecca Dowell 1878–1947
William Spencer Dowell 1879–1954
Hilda Irene Dowell 1881–1936
Stephen Edward Aubrey Dowell 1883–1946
Violet Pearl Dowell 1884–1885
George Sherwood Dowell 1887–1946