Absalom Sherwood

Absalom Sherwood

Absalom Sherwood

Born: Rouchel Brook 1847

Died: Bourke 1896

Absalom Sherwood Spencer was born at Rouchel on 5th November 1847 and is the twin of Mary Jane. He is the only one of Thomas and Mary’s children with the given name Sherwood. 

Absalom seems to have spent a large amount of his time after 1870 going to or from Cuttabunda with cattle or sheep. It is likely that this lifestyle continually on the move contributed to him never marrying.

There are a few brief mentions of Abs in Rebecca Spencer’s letters to Eliza Saunders. The image of Abs above was discovered almost by accident in the Saunders family collection in 2013.

Absalom was a part owner of Cuttabunda and appears to have spent a considerable amount of time there.

After the failure of Cuttabunda in 1896 Absalom conducted a horse drawn freight business. He was killed when a horse fell on him while he was chasing a run away team of horses at Bourke, in late 1896.

Absalom is buried at Bourke cemetery in an unmarked grave.