Finding the Spencer locations in the Hunter Valley

Thomas and Mary Spencer arrived in Sydney on 7th September 1841 on the ship "China". Within a few weeks they were living in the Hunter Valley.

Over the next 60 years members of the Spencer Family lived at The Rouchel, Muswellbrook, Aberdeen and Scone in the Hunter Valley.There are still Spencer relatives living in the area.

The Spencer trail is a map and notes that will help you find various key "Spencer" locations in the Hunter Valley.


The Trail Guide

The Spencer Trail guide has been slightly updated since the Reunion.

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Muswellbrook Cemetery Guide

Annette Hill did heaps of work to produce the Cemetery Guides for Muswellbrook, Aberdeen and Scone. The Muswellbrook Cemetery holds the graves of Thomas and Mary Spencer and quite a few of their descendants.

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Aberdeen Cemetery Guide

There are quite a few Spencer's in the Aberdeen Cemetery as well as many non Spencer relatives.

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Scone Cemetery Guide

There are only a few Spencers and Spencer relatives in the Scone Cemeteries

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